Symposium Presentations

The 4th GIF Symposium 2018 was held at UIC-P Espaces Congrès, Paris, France on 16-17 October 2018. Consult the Symposium Programme.

Cycle 1: Drivers for the Development of Gen IV Systems
Clean Energy Futures, K. Gogan
Heat Market Opportunities and the Road-map in Poland for HTR Deployment, G. Wrochna
Cycle 2: Innovation and R&D in Support of the Demonstration and Deployment of Gen IV Systems
Preparing for Regulating Advanced Nuclear Technologies in the UK, D. Lisbona
Advanced Reactors a Paradigm Shift, A. Cubbage
Development of Gen IV Systems Utility Perspective, A. Sowder
The Licensing of a Gen IV Reactor: Small Company Perspective, D. LeBlanc
Innovation in Nuclear Technology: An Academic Perspective, C. Forsberg
Nuclear Energy in the UK and the Role of Advanced Nuclear Technology, F. Rayment

Cycle 3: From R&D to Demo Projects
GIF R&D Outlook, A. Stanculescu
GIF R&D Infrastructures Task Force, Challenges and Opportunities, R. Garbil
Overview of Gen IV Demonstration Projects in China, J. Tian

Cycle 4: From Demo to Market Opportunities
Market Perspectives and Challenges of Gen IV,  H. Kamide
Government and Industry Roles in Commercialization of Nuclear Power,  A. Sowder